Journey to a Triumphant Life !


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2 Timothy 3:16

(New International Version)

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking,

correcting and training in righteousness…

 Welcome to Coached to Triumph where your road to triumph begins. Coached to Triumph is a place that offers hope,  humor, encouragement and direction on living our lives according to the Bible (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth), the ultimate book of direction. I am a minister, educator and Christian Life Coach. I am dedicated to coaching parents who strive to raise productive and honest adults and anyone who is striving to live a triumphant life. Whether you are experiencing challenges or just want to make your life, parenting experience, or  marriage more  satisfying, contact me at  to arrange your  free 30 minute “Empowering Yourself by the Book,” coaching session.

I am also dedicated to coaching people to stay WOKE. What is being WOKE?
Urban Dictionary: Woke
Getting woke is like being in the Matrix and taking the red pill. You get a sudden understanding of what’s really going on and find out you were wrong about much of what you understood to be the truth. We are called upon as citizens to take an active part in the life of this country. Everyone has a right to live in peace and safety. We must speak truth to power, point out injustice and work to correct it. A WOKE person is engaged in their community…a WOKE person VOTES!!! Learn how in a WOKE workshop. For more information contact:

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