Chapter 2: Life

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of  you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.  Jeremiah  29:11 NLT

Tom  and Malinda could not believe it. After fifteen years of marriage they were  pregnant…with twins! After taking all of the tests and trying all of the  treatments, Tom and Malinda had given up the hope of ever having children of their own and thanked God for giving them each other. Still wanting children,  Tom and Malinda applied to adopt a child. They had been on the waiting list for  two years, and again trusted God to give them a child. Then all of a sudden  Malinda was pregnant. Who knows what God has planned for his people?  Some of their friends said that they got pregnant because they had stopped focusing on getting pregnant and made other plans, but Tom and Malinda knew that it was God’s divine intervention. Although not particularly religious, they had prayed, “Not my will but thy will be done,” and accepted their lot.

The months of preparation were exciting. The planning, the painting, the showers, the anticipation, they could hardly wait. Tom and Malinda knew that the twins would be boys, so they decided to name them Isaac and John, after the two boys in the Bible who came to parents who had given up the hope of ever having children. The day arrived, and Malinda brought forth two beautiful, healthy boys. The children were also important to Tom and Malinda because they were both orphans who had met in a foster home. They met as teenagers in the home of  Ms. Susie James. Both had been abandoned by drug addicted parents and had bounced around from foster home to foster home until Ms. Susie James. Mama Susie and Uncle Ned took care of them and made them feel loved. They taught them that a family does not come through biology, but from love. If you are not with your biological family, God will send you a family, but it is up to each person to take his or her place in the family. Tom and Malinda took their place, and in the fullness of time decided to unite and create their family. So, when Isaac and John were born, they excitedly made plans to drive the 400 miles to let Mama Susie meet her “grandsons.”

What a grand trip it was. Uncle Ned was long gone, but Ms. Susie, now nearly 90 years old was so pleased that God had blessed her favorite foster children with a real family of their own. They even visited their old church and had Isaac and John dedicated. They promised Mama Susie that they would bring their sons up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Too soon, it was time to head home. The day was beautiful for traveling. Not a cloud in the sky and almost no  traffic. Tom and Malinda reflected on the visit and talked about the life they  would give their sons. After they had driven about one hundred miles, out of nowhere came a truck that was out of control at 80 miles an hour, right through  the windshield. CRASH!!!!

Ambulances and police cars were all around.  The front of the car was burned beyond recognition and the impact of the truck caused the car to skid into the guard rail and the impact was so strong that it knocked the rear license plate off of the car. As they put Tom and Malinda into the black body bags, the paramedics remarked what a miracle that the two babies in the back seat were unharmed. Who were these people? How tragic? For what purpose were these children spared? There was so much confusion, so many people around. The babies were removed from the car and placed into the arms of  paramedics who put them into ambulances and sped off, one to County  General, and the other to St. Parmee in the next county.  Neither paramedic realized there was another child in the car the on. The only identification was the names Isaac or John on the labels inside of the clothing of the babies. After each child was found to be well except for some bruising and cuts, they were sent to foster care; Isaac Miracle in Lymon County and John Miracle in Agora County. No one knew there was a twin, and since Tom and Malinda had no real family and the accident happened so far from home, no one ever knew what had happened to that great little family.

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